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Feb 14, 2011 4:30pm PST
. and to get yourself educated but obama wants to cut billions of dollars out of education. and hire education? however, these are issues that i care about. >>catherine: as you should. the jobless rate is 9% with 20 months. at or above 9% with 20 consecutive months. >>rob: the last time we were here at 4000 on the del. with more people employed now. with the dow jones at 12,000--in with a large debt issues are phenomenally high gear. things have changed in the last three years. >>catherine: silicon valley google is hiring. apple is >>rob: hiringro ev facebook. >>catherine: housing demand? >>rob: theoretically, yes. and if facebook is going to be using the old cisco campus? and is going to alter certain, realistic on yousuf. and other areas like san mateo would not release date--and with the ipo. and the east bay, san francisco, marin county they seem to be pretty challenged in my opinion as far is bringing in new companies and business. 62,000 is the average salary. >>catherine: that is not that much purify >>rob: with a double bed$350 home value. >>catherine: aeronaut that many of those a bil
Feb 8, 2011 4:30pm PST
as we head into the weekend and talk all about it in a bit. >> president barack obama is supposed to introduce a new budget part of the plan will include a $53 billion spending plan for high-speed rail. all around $2.3 billion of that will go toward a real connecting the bay area to the loss angeles area. vice-president joe biden talk about the plan being good for the u.s. economy and will not be a burden. >> 3 all agreed we need to cut spending to get the deficit under control but as president barack obama made clear, when it comes to jobs there are three key places where we cannot compromise. we cannot compromise on education, innovation or infrastructure. >> the high-speed rail plan would be paid for over the next six years with a tab of about $8 million each year. congress will have to approve the plan first. looking at traffic on the golden gate bridge no problems coming into the city of san francisco. the right set of your screen traffic into and more and not bad problems either. we'll be back. >> here's what's happening around california, adnan has been killed by a rooster
Feb 10, 2011 4:30pm PST
. cabinet, barack obama put his hat into the ring. with an already crowded field of presidential contenders. >> i stand in front of you to announce my candidacy. >> 2012 race seems to be moving at a comparatively sluggish race. democrats have their man, and republicans are beginning to jockey for positions at the annual conservative action conference in washington. >> we will continue. >> only one noncandidate. - only one candid it is known and congress woman michele bachman. >> holding on to the house of representatives and a conservative seventh and yes, baby. winning the white house in 2012. (cheers & applause) the poll found that who they found was favored? how to be is of the top of the list. 21 percent tariff huckabee, sara palin and newt gingrich >> and the white house has been that some of wrong items it is so dangerous. >> sarah palin was not there for she could still win the weekend poll. in washington, kron 4 news. >> thursday traffic quite sluggish. how we 1 0 1 towards the peninsula. the top is barely moving. and how we 1 0 1 it is towards the peninsula at the bottom of your sc
Feb 17, 2011 4:30pm PST
encourage you to watch >>pam: president obama is going to be landing at 5:45 s f o. with silicon valley icons the meeting. what is the anticipation? heavy hitters. larry ellison. zuckerberg, from facebook, and steve jobs from apples. twitter, netflix and the ppresident of stanford university. --and it is just amazing! that this is part of our ongoing dialogue with the business community on how we can win the future, strengthen our economy in support of japan or ship. and increase exports. getting people back to work and-support of entrepreneurship. this is the goal of hiring, expanding, and look at apple and google! with the imagine to works of networking. >>pam: absolutely. >> and we can even learn from them on what they are door that is working. >>pam: to move forward and advancement. >> and with to hire locally. and to not outsource. the one interesting thing i spoke with the tech analyst. and with zuckerberg. and he brought up a great point. zuckerberg might be the most important person to meet with tonight. a 26 year-old with the political impact. >> zuckerberg
Feb 15, 2011 4:30pm PST
obama proposed transportation budget funnels big money to bay area transit projects. christine choses with projects could gain millions of federal funds of the plant it is approved. >>christine: the project that stands to gain the most money is the muni subway will project. the transportation budget proposal includes 200 million for this $1.6 billion project. this is said to be completed in 2017. off the map of the central subway which will run from jackson to the cal train station. connecting chinatown but the giants ballpark. the proposal also includes money for munis of van ness transit project. it stands to gain $30 million. it's expected to cost 120 million which is set to be finished in 2015. at the van ness project would add dedicated bus lines to van ness avenue between mission and lombard street. it giving us his priority on the 2 mi. stretch. the san jose project is also included in the proposal. that money would help clear the way for the $2.3 billion bart extension which could begin construction in 2012. on this map you see were the extension will go. the bart station in f
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5